TS Grewal Solution 2022-2023 | Class 11th

Class 11th – T S Grewal Solution 2022-2023

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Chapter-2 Basic Accounting Terms

Chapter-4 Bases Accounting

Chapter-5 Accounting equation

Chapter-6 accounting procedures-Rules of debit and credit

Chapter-7 Origin of Transactions-Source Documents and Preparation of Vouchers

Chapter-8 Journal

Chapter-9 Ledger

Chapter-10 Special Purpose Books I-Cash Book

Chapter-11 Special Purpose Books II-Other Books

Chapter-12 Accounting of Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Chapter-13 Bank Reconciliation Statement

Chapter-14 Trial Balance

Chapter-15 Depreciation

Chapter-17 Rectification of Errors

Chapter-18 Financial Statements of Sole Proprietorship

Chapter-19 Adjustments in Preparation of Financial Statements